The Collaboration between PLAN-B and AquaPLAN starts: Strengthening Transboundary Efforts.

On March 11, 2024, representatives from the sister projects PLAN-B and AquaPLAN (Aquatic Pollution from Light and Anthropogenic Noise: Management of Impacts on Biodiversity) met virtually to enhance collaboration and fortify their partnership.

The far-reaching effects of light and noise pollution transcend geographical boundaries, posing transboundary challenges that impact diverse environments and ecosystems. AquaPLAN is dedicated to mitigating these impacts in aquatic settings, while PLAN-B is committed to finding optimal solutions for terrestrial areas and biodiversity.

From the project’s inception, a robust collaboration has been in the works to enhance the outcomes of both initiatives. The recent online meeting focused on fostering joint research activities, including fieldwork, and facilitating knowledge-sharing. Identifying common ground is crucial, as it fosters a comprehensive understanding of the issues around light and noise pollution.”