In November 2023, during the EU Spanish Presidency, a significant meeting on light pollution challenges and responses took place.

This assembly brought together experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders to deliberate on the urgent issues surrounding light pollution and to identify effective strategies for monitoring and responding to it.

The outcome of the meeting was the creation and endorsement of the Manifesto for Tackling Light Pollution & Proposing EU Light Pollution Monitoring. This comprehensive document addresses the multifaceted impacts of light pollution in the EU, highlighting the need for cohesive measures to mitigate these effects and proposing strategies for monitoring and reducing light pollution.

Key points include:

  • Recognising light as an environmental pollutant,
  • Integrating light pollution into the EU environmental regulatory framework,
  • Establishing monitoring networks.

The manifesto also advocates for public awareness campaigns, interdisciplinary engagement in policy development, and the inclusion of light pollution measures in international frameworks.

The manifesto is a call to action, urging immediate and concerted efforts to mitigate the adverse effects of light pollution. The Manifesto can be accessed here.

Although the Manifesto has garnered support from various professions, the authors (Yana Yakushina, David Smith, and Alejandro Sanchez ) invite you to endorse this document by signing it. Your signature would symbolise our collective commitment to addressing this global challenge. Please express your support by signing the manifesto through this form:

Thank you for endorsing this initiative and elevating the concerns of light pollution to higher political levels.

Please, share this with your network to bring more attention to the growing problem of light pollution.