PLAN-B’s engagement with citizens will be articulated through citizen science methodologies, which will be piloted in participating cities.

Ibercivis will collaborate in the engagement strategy of the pilot cities, offering its experience in projects where citizen science is present.

Ibercivis is a leading foundation in the implementation of citizen science methodologies in Spain and Europe.

Established in Zaragoza (Spain), it has become a meeting point for citizen communities, scientists and institutions that wish to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in an open and inclusive way. With a clear international vocation, Ibercivis develops, promotes and studies projects that promote its vision of a more participatory and democratic science.

Ibercivis‘ role in PLAN-B extends throughout tasks that will bring the project closer to citizens:

  • It will collaborate in the implementation of technological solutions that will bring scientific experimentation closer to the citizens participating in the pilot cities.
  • It will provide the action protocol for the assembly of the communities involved, which will become CoPs (Communities of Practice).
  • Participate in the identification of the stakeholders to be addressed by the project in order to form the CoPs.
  • Coordinate the communication and dissemination strategy of the project.

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